There's so much more to who you are than you know right now. You are, indeed, something mysterious and someone magnificent. You hold within you -- secreted for safekeeping in your heart -- a great gift for this world. Although you might sometimes feel like a cog in a huge machine, that you don't really matter in the great scheme of things, the truth is that you are fully eligible for a meaningful life, a mystical life, a life of the greatest fulfillment and service. 

-Bill Plotkin, Soul Craft

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I am Traci Bratton, owner of NightHawk Soul.  It is my purpose and passion in life to bring people together to heal, remember our Divine nature and unique purpose of service to the greater good, and to experience laughter, joy and love in this "One Wild and Precious Life" as Mary Oliver said.  

You were born with a unique contribution to make in service to the world.

You can transform and lean into who you were born to be and who this world needs you to be.

This is the calling of your Soul signally to you that it’s time to align, step forward and remember your wild and true nature.

You will want a guide.

I am here to help.


Upcoming Events with NightHawk

What: An Evening with Spirit, Love and Connection. Medium Gallery Demonstration.

When: December 15 5PM -7:30 PM

Where: Color Coffee Roasters Eagle Colorado

Cost: $25

Evidential Mediums Cherlynn Felton and Becky Hesseltine connect with your loved ones in spirit to relay healing loving messages to you.

Learn more about the medium gallery event

What: Chakra Yoga practice, Sound Bath healing and Meditation.

When: Saturday Dec 22, 2018 5-7 pm

Where: Yoga Off Broadway, Eagle Colorado

Cost: 15$ YOB members. $20 otherwise

Chakra yoga is the practice of using yoga postures, visualization and controlled breath, known as pranayama, to cleanse, balance, and open the chakras, or energy centers, of the body. By using chakra yoga to keep the energy centers of your body open and balanced, you can attain optimal health and function at your fullest potential.

Learn more about Full Moon Ritual Event

What: Road Trip and Sacred Cacao Ceremony lead by Helen Knight of Dreamtime Healing

When: January 26-27

Where: Boulder Colorado Residence Inn and Kelly’s Barn for the Ceremony.

Cost: Variable depending on your lodging choice $75-$180

Join Traci for a overnight getaway to experience a cuppa chocolate so sacred, yummy, and healing that you are sure to melt your heart chakra wide open. This is a bucket list type experience and to that I say WHY WAIT?

Learn more about Road Trip + Chocolate = Soul Food event

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Commune with Wild Nature

Soul is the most wild and deep part of ourselves and therefore is reflected back to us by wild nature. Do you feel more alive, calm, nourished, or at home in the forest, swimming in lakes or the ocean, exploring canyons, or sitting in your garden?  There are many reasons why these places in the natural world offer healing and refuge for those that seek it. Practicing heightened presence in the natural world such as Forest Bathing, communing with nature, vision quests, animal tracking, speaking and listening to animals, trees, and the earth are a potent ways to connect to your own Soul.  


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The “Healer” Archetype

The state of our world today is calling for the “healer” archetype to emerge and show itself in so many of us.  The Earth knows how to heal, therefore she works through us and employs us to do the work that is needed to heal ourselves and the collective and to remember our sacred connection.   This calling comes through from our depths. Millions across the globe are awakening and hearing the call of their unique part to play in this mission and vision. Those who are ready can hear this calling.  We can feel it in the stillness, the chaos and even in our bones. It may come across as a feeling of unrest, or not belonging to this world, or just knowing that there is something you are supposed to do. It can be a fleeting sense of a higher purpose or mission and you may brush it aside again and again as society and family guidance tells you what you should do to be happy and live a good life.  Some common indicators that you are ready for your descent into your depths and to walk your Soul Path:

  • You may have worked with therapists or a coach to heal your emotional wounds

  • You may have enrolled and worked through self help and inspirational courses.

  • You possibly engage in yoga, meditation, prayer, spirituality and/or other uplifting rituals

  • You still feel something is missing, or sense there is something you were supposed to do in this lifetime?

  • You feel a chill or resonance when you read: “What will your do with this one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver

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Soul Powers

Your soul encompasses many qualities that you are not yet aware of.

One of my favorite things to explore with clients, friends, family is their Soul Core Powers.  The gifts, talents, and natural abilities that are precious, innate and often unique to you or others similar to you.  Often these powers are like medicine to the world around you.  Once you begin the Soul Path work with me you will become very clear on your Soul Powers and how they relate to your purpose, calling and service in this lifetime. You will then create a life' that satisfies

“the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” -Fredrick Buechner