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Why do I do this?

Because I care so much. I’m talking about a deep down, funky intense feeling in my bones so much so that I wonder “how will I ever express just how much I care?”.

Why do I care so much?

It’s the love. Not just every day, hug and kiss kind of love. This feeling is a whole new sensation FOR ME. I LOVE our world, Earth, the people, animals, all of nature, LOVE IT! I LOVE being alive and having the FREEDOM to feel it all and experience being human, the good, bad, beautiful and the ugly. It’s all so AWESOME isn’t it?

When I sat fasting in the Utah desert for 4 days and nights in the cold of December 2018 I learned about love. That word love is just so limiting though isn’t it?. There is really no word that can encompass this feeling. I prayed, I sat, I day dreamed, I got bored, I yelled, I cried, I laughed, I sang, I wrote, I meditated, I drew images on red rock canyon walls, I got naked, I danced, I howled like a wild animal, I built a sacred fire, I shivered all night, and faced darkness. All throughout the journey there was the Sun. This presence that warmed, comforted and shined it’s light down upon me all day long. It was my best friend. I fell in love with the Sun. I feel deeply in love with mother nature and desert, rock, bird, ancient trees, sky, night, hot, cold all of it. Day after day, night after night, I descended into my wildness. An untamed, fully alive, senses on fire with the slightest stimulation kind of altered state. I poured my love out to the sun and land and the Divine. I have never loved so intensely as that very moment, not even when I birthed my beautiful children or married, or any of the other wonderful moments of human existence. This is LOVE that transcends all and is all things. When I reached the climax of the all encompassing LOVE suddenly the mirror was turned back on myself. I gazed into the sky toward the sun and “heard” a booming voice say “THAT IS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU”.


“That is how much I LOVE you”

Stunned and giddy I learned from Sun, and Sky, and the great Mystery what LOVE really is capable of. Limitless, no boundaries kinda feeling. I received and surrendered to the message so completely that every cell and energy particle of “me” now knows what it is to LOVE.

I lOVE Myself, the Earth, the Universe and YOU.

This is why I do this. This is why I care if you shine your light and live your Soul’s true essence and truth into this world. So that you can shine in this emanate love and we can do so together, here, today in our glorious paradise of a world.




The story of how I, Traci CAME TO BE CALLED nighthawk- as I first engaged in my own soul purpose discovery I attended a Cacao ceremony with Helen (dreamtime healings, Boulder Co). I set my intention asking "Show me my soul's purpose" and "Show me how to be freedom and love". Long story short, I journeyed into the imaginal realm of the night. I saw a world that is the deep blue color of a moonlight forest on a crisp and snowy winter night. i SAW CAGES BREAKING APART AN D A ceramic vase INSCRIBED WITH my name "traci" shattered! I SENSED i WAS BREAKING OUT OF OLD ROLES AND TOO TIGHT BOXES. i WONDERED "if i am breaking out of my name then what DO I CALL MYSELF?" to my complete surprise, Instantly I heard "nighthawk" then plunged into a journey that I'm still integrating and keeping alive today. I see nighthawk as a wild, magical, & EARTH NATIVE woman.

I believe "nighthawk" is my psyche's way of allowing me to step into a persona, a costume of sorts. One that allows me to practice being confident in my abilities, shedding the old stories and asking How would nighthawk be in this situation? I can step outside of the ego of Traci and be nighthawk.

I entered this process a bit of a skeptic, and I emerged as a lifetime proponent of Traci’s work. Traci possesses so many gifts, from her clarity of seeing to her compassionate heart, her wise and steady guidance, and her accessible articulation of big ideas.
Traci helped me see things in myself that I might otherwise have missed. She helped hold me accountable to myself and my long-ago-buried yearnings without ever straying into dogmatism. She provided a safe container for me to process emotions, mental blocks, and big ideas in ways that allowed me to step into a more actualized version of myself.
As a result of my work with Traci, my life is infused with a much greater sense of self-affirmation and meaning. I am learning to trust and respect myself more, to trust and respect my own innate wisdom, and to show up more fully and more courageously in my everyday activities. This has ripple effects for every area of my life.
Because I feel a greater sense of connection (to myself and to the Universe) on a daily basis, I consistently feel calmer, more supported, and more self-assured. When operating from this space, I feel much more empowered to craft a life that I love and that meaningfully contributes to the world.
Working with Traci has truly been a life-changing experience, and I am immensely grateful.
— Laura- Soul Path Guidance Testimonial 2018
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Spiritual path

Soul Craft intensive w/ animas valley institute 2019

art of holding space w/ off the mat into the world 2019

Certified guide w/ Purpose guides institute 2018


level 3 certified psychic development and mediumship 2017-2018

Reiki practioner level 1 & 2 2016

temple of the way of light- spiritual journey peru 2017

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Yoga Instructor


Level 1 Baptiste Power yoga with Baron Baptiste

Art of Assisting

Spirit Speak- day long immersion with Sean Corne


Yoga oFF Broadway- teacher 2014-Present

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