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Shamanic Journey and Sound Healing Event

  • Home 812 Brush Creek Court Eagle, CO 81631 (map)

Join Alecz of Soaring Spirit and NightHawk for a shamanic journey and sound healing experience.  From the beginning your body will melt into relaxation when we open the sacred space with sound healing resonance from crystal singing bowls.  Lounging comfortably on a mat and blankets you will be skillfully guided via meditation to journey to the realms of non-ordinary reality for information, healing, awakening, restoring of your dormant power, abilities and connections with nature.  Then, live drumming will assist you deeper into this imaginal realm where you will be taught how to journey to the lower world of your Soul to meet a personal trusted guided and receive information and healing from them.

The Goal of this workshop is to introduce you to the skills and wide scope of Shamanic journeying to help you cultivate a rich inner world that has unlimited resources.  

In our modern-day technological world, we have been led to believe that what we see, touch, hear, smell and taste in this reality is all that exists.  Conversely, shamanism teaches us that there are doorways to other realms of reality where helping spirits reside who will share wisdom, guidance, insights and healing for us and the world in which we live.  In this class, you will learn the skills for completing a shamanic journey to non ordinary reality to meet spirit helpers.

Please bring a rattle or a drum if you have one, eye cover, cushion and blanket, and a pen and notebook to record your journey

Dress in warm comfortable clothing including socks or slippers.