Owl Eyes- A Mythopoetic Practice

Where are you?

A question that provokes dance between the seeker and the sought

A moving breathing question

Instead of asking “What is my mythopoetic identity?”

Inquire “Where am I”

This questioning allows control and ownership to fall away.  

Consciousness expands in limitless possibilities.

Practice Owl Eyes

With eyes softly focused the whole expanded picture can be perceived

See where you are in relation to the others

Include the edges of periphery.  

The others that are most obvious are viewed now with

Owl Eyes

Softening into the edges of sight, sound, and knowing.

Ask of yourself and the others “where are you?”

Now you are open to an encounter with the mystery of life

Space opens for that which you seek to be encountered as it seeks you

There is a feminine surrender and trust needed to court the

mysterious place of the mythopoetic

practice opening your hearts longing

play the edge of “where is my longing and greatest love?”

allow the body and heart intelligence to sway you in to tune to the question

not to define or understand, but to be in energetic flow with the answers

Traci Bratton