Reiki healing sessions

Traci is an AMAZINGLY beautiful soul. I’ve done many Reiki sessions with her over the past year and LOVE her tremendously. She is so caring and focused on sharing her gifts of healing with others. I trust Traci unconditionally. She listens well and is flexible to provide whatever is needed for any given Reiki session. I love her approach. She safely allowed me to share inner struggles and to open up to healing those pains. She is a true gift and I am grateful to have her in my life!!
— Dana (Vail Valley, CO)

Reiki is life force, that universal energy that makes up all things.. Originating with the Divine and lending itself to all of creation. I’m an intuitive space holder, clairvoyant, and emotional empath. I put my gifts to service for your healing and the well being of the world.  My clients feel loved, safe, and held in integrity while relaxing in the healing room that I have created in my home.  The sessions can be lighthearted and fun as I am a very playful person.  Sometimes deep emotions release and intense energetic shifts occur that can require more self care such as time in nature, quiet reflection time, a relaxing bath and or rest following the session. 

In a healing session with me you may:

-Lie or sit comfortably in a chair or on the Reiki table.

-Stay fully clothed

-Expect that I will verbally share and teach about all that is occurring and will engage you in dialogue during the entire session.  If you prefer silence or fall asleep I will tell you at the end of the session.

-Explore what your soul is whispering to you with my guidance and deep listening

-Experience profound energetic and emotional releases

-Gain clarity on decisions and next steps in your life

-Receive guidance from your Soul and inner truth

-Relax in a feeling of being held in Love

-Receive deep rest and rejuvenation

-Open up and explore internal stories that are ready to be healed

Healing tools in a sessions may include, but not limited to:

-Guided meditation

-Supportive Breathing techniques

-Doterra Essential oils

-Guidance card deck

-Healing Crystals

-Mediumship channeling of spirits