Soul Path Guidance


Soul Path to Purpose Course

Join NightHawk/Traci on a journey to awaken the truth that already lives inside. You were born with a unique contribution to make in service to the world. It is time to ignite a life of passion and live fully awake in this wild and precious life. We will explore the 12 module process informed by my own Soul Path and by my teacher Jonathan Gustin where I studied and became a certified PGI Purpose Guide™.

A snapshot of the practices:

  • Daily self designed self care ritual

  • Alter or "my space" building

  • Discover your Sacred Money Archetype

  • Soul encounter technologies-(tried and true practices to tune in to your Soul)

  • Soul Quest- One day all by yourself, in beautiful wild nature. Reconnect to your truth without modern day distractions.   This will occur on a weekend together near Moab Utah.

  • Imaginal Realm visualizations, meditations, and shamanic journeys. 

  • Reflection writing that helps strip away the ego's agenda and allows you to talk to your Soul.  

  • A weekly meeting in sacred circle.  This itself will be a powerful practice.  This will be an intimate group of individuals all devoted to living their authentic truth and following their Soul Path.  You will be held in a safe, supportive, non judgmental space and experience being truly seen and heard in a way that you may have not have access to in your relationships.

  • Accountability- As your guide I will hold you accountable with all the love and ferocity of a mother bear to her cubs.  I will help you do this important work of exploring your psyche, connecting to your body wisdom, showing up for yourself and others in the circle, staying the course of your Soul Path when your Ego inevitably get's uncomfortable and wants to hide, run, or numb out.

  • Show up exactly as you are and be honored for where you are on your journey.  

  • Learn to listen and sense with your whole body instead of just your mind.  

Soul Fire.jpg

You are invited to take your seat at the sacred fire


Take Aways:

  • Have a deeper understanding of your authentic truth

  • Discover why your Soul was born here, now and for what purpose of service  

  • Establish or recommit to a daily ritual the supports what you need right now.

  • Identify and work with the voices or archetypes that hold you back from living your truth.

  • Learn the language of your Soul, that is how to feel, hear, see, know, and/or intuit your inner compass of truth.

  • Learn and practice living a Soulcentric lifestyle. That is to make your soul the leader of your life and re-purpose your ego as an agent for the soul. 

  • Explore your resistances to change and transformation.  

  • Reconnect and deepen your connection to wild nature.  Remembrance that you are not separate from the Earth.

  • Multiple Soul Technology tools that you will continue to support you after this course is complete. 

  • Integration into our Soul Circle Tribe. Upon completion of the 12 week Soul Discovery Course you are invited to our monthly gathering of peers living, working, and creating from their Soul and core truth.

Soul Path of Purpose Group - limited to 6 participants

Schedule: September 2019 Registration is now open. Course dates run from September 2019- March 2019. *Note: if this schedule doesn’t work for you, don’t let that stop you from heeding this call from your Soul. Let’s chat about a solution.

Meet Bi-weekly Wednesdays 12:30 PM- 2 PM September 2019- March 2020.

September, 2019:  Engage module 1 practices and readings.  We will run a reverse classroom style course. This means that you will engage with the practices and modules on your own for before meeting to discuss, deepen and further integrate the material with me, your guide.

September, 2019: Ist meeting  Exact dates TBD

:  Week 10 Soul Quest: We will head out to base camp near in wild nature in central Colorado. More specifics TBD. Friday night sacred reflection time and preparation of the psyche, Saturday 8 hr food fast and solo time in wild nature, Sunday integration, reflection, and sacred ritual.   We will be tent camping Fri. and Saturday night so please bring your sleeping bag, tent and gear.  I will prepare a healthy meal to share Saturday evening following your 8 hours of fasting. Please seek the guidance ofur doctor if you are uncertain whether fasting is okay for your body.  

Price:  $525 for the entire course

Additional private Reiki healing or guidance sessions offered for a discounted rate of $60

Also, purchase, borrow or otherwise obtain a copy of Bill Plotkin's book Soul Craft as reading text for the course. 

ALL OF THE MODULE MEETINGS ARE IMPORTANT IN THIS PROCESS. With that said, life happens and I understand you may have to miss a session. If that occurs I can meet with you for a one to one 75 minute meeting in person or video chat. $60 extra for the private session. This is optional, but as your guide I’m so committed to your process that I want to make myself available and affordable.

“I entered this process a bit of a skeptic, and I emerged as a lifetime proponent of Traci’s work. Traci possesses so many gifts, from her clarity of seeing to her compassionate heart, her wise and steady guidance, and her accessible articulation of big ideas.
Traci helped me see things in myself that I might otherwise have missed. She helped hold me accountable to myself and my long-ago-buried yearnings without ever straying into dogmatism. She provided a safe container for me to process emotions, mental blocks, and big ideas in ways that allowed me to step into a more actualized version of myself.
As a result of my work with Traci, my life is infused with a much greater sense of self-affirmation and meaning. I am learning to trust and respect myself more, to trust and respect my own innate wisdom, and to show up more fully and more courageously in my everyday activities. This has ripple effects for every area of my life.
Because I feel a greater sense of connection (to myself and to the Universe) on a daily basis, I consistently feel calmer, more supported, and more self-assured. When operating from this space, I feel much more empowered to craft a life that I love and that meaningfully contributes to the world.
Working with Traci has truly been a life-changing experience, and I am immensely grateful.”
— Laura- Soul Path Guidance Testimonial 2018